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Legal Information and TCU

1- The activity of yalsouk.com
www.yalsouk.com is a website of GTAUITES classified ads in real estate, cars, telephones, meetings, clothes, shoes, animals etc ... On all the Algerian territory. Its role is to allow individuals and professionals to sell, buy and or trade almost anything they want anywhere and anytime as long as it is in compliance with the law.
For any use of the services of yalsouk.com it would be necessary to accept without reserve the present legal information and General Conditions of Use which could be modified at any time according to the changes or additions made on this site.
You can contact us by clicking on the "contact us" section below to answer all your questions.

2- Legal information:
The Yalsouk.com team undertakes to host the content of the sellers' announcements (text, photos, video, etc.) and put them online after their validation. For the yalsouk team to validate an announcement, the latter must meet the following criteria:
- Before placing an ad, you must have a valid account (member or PRO).
- The advertisement must comply with the law.
- It must be placed in the right category and wilaya with understandable content.
- The ad must not be vulgar, or contain unwanted content.
- The ad must not have a promotional title
- Publishing, consulting, responding to comments or sending us messages is FREE on yalsouk.com
The advertisement on yalsouk.com remains 90 days, if the advertiser does not renew it it will be automatically deleted from our site. We do not keep outdated ads in to artificially augment our database.

Yalsouk.com respects your privacy and protects your personal information:
yalsouk.com asks its users for a certain amount of personal information such as e-mail, telephone number, etc. to ensure the proper functioning of the service for publishing announcements, its information we consider to be private and confidential we are the only ones to have them. We agree not to disclose any information about you to other organizations (unless such disclosure is required by law or is part of an investigation or legal or administrative proceeding).
Only the information appearing in the advertisement and the information strictly necessary for linking are available to the public.
Yalsouk.com in accordance with the law gives you the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you during your use of the site as long as you have a validated account.

3- Conditions of use:
Our services are completely free and reserved for people legally capable of signing contracts under Algerian law. Our services are not available for minors under the age of 18. If you do not meet these conditions, you must not use our services.
Since we do not intervene in transactions between buyers and sellers, disclaims all responsibility in the event of a dispute between several members for any claim, and any present or future damage, presumed or not, noted or not, resulting directly or indirectly from these claims.
As a yalsouk.com member, you are responsible for ensuring that the item you wish to buy or sell is authorized on yalsouk.com. To ensure that you understand the yalsouk.com regulations, we invite you to consult the list of prohibited products:
- Alcohol
- Weapons and knives
- Used medical equipment
- Excavations, Fossils and Minerals
- Pesticides
- Uniforms, decorations, badges
- Animal parts
- Firearms and explosives
- Cultural goods
- Goods subject to embargo
- Stolen or concealed goods
- Lottery tickets
- Credit card
- Official documents issued by the State
- Contracts and tickets
- Drugs and related items
- Monitoring equipment prohibited
- Counterfeit coins and stamps
- Fireworks
- Financial instruments
- Mailing lists
- Objects of a pedophile or pornographic nature
- Prohibited or regulated goods
- Materials intended for opening locks
- Drugs and drugstore
- Organs and products of the human body
- Dangerous and illicit substances
- Tobacco
- Items prohibited for sale will be systematically removed by our team
The advertisements describe the objects to be sold (or for which you solicit offers to buy). They can only include texts and images that you provide to us. All items for sale must be listed in the appropriate category. The seller is solely responsible for the choice of the category in which he wishes to reference his advertisement. The referencing of an advertisement by a seller in a given category can in no way be interpreted as a guarantee yalsouk.com on the authenticity or the origin of the object sold.
Without excluding other remedies, we may suspend or close your account if it turns out that you are engaged in fraudulent activities in connection with our site or the publication of advertisements of prohibited products.

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