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Here are some questions that come to mind about yalsouk.com:

What is yalsouk.com?
YalSouk.com is a classified ads website, it allows you to publish free classified ads on the net and connect sellers and buyers between individuals (between people) and professionals (business). say it allows people to sell, buy or trade new or used products online.

What are the member account and the PRO account?
The member account is an account dedicated to the individual, on the other hand the PRO account is dedicated to the professional (company) through this account (member or PRO) the advertiser can deposit, modify, delete and or renew his ads so he can buy from credit.

What are the visual options on yalsouk.com?
The visual options on yalsouk.com allow you to guarantee good visuality of your ads on the site, they are as follows:

The premium ad:
The premium ad offer allows you to place your ad at the top of the home page so that it is visible to all site visitors.

With the announcement in mind:
The ad at the top offer allows you to display your ad at the top of the page of the desired category for a period of your choice.

The urgent logo:
The urgent logo offer allows you to put the urgent logo in red on your ad which will be remarkable by site visitors.

The framed ad:
The framed ad offer allows you to have an ad framed by a colored frame for a fixed period.

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